10 crochet tools for beginners


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If there’s one thing I can say with confidence, it’s that crochet is here to stay. Along with the resurgence of the 70s aesthetic, crochet has become a favorite pandemic pastime for many, including myself. The best part is that it’s quite easy to understand and not too expensive to get started.

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What’s even better is that crochet transcends all seasons. Beanies and balaclavas were all over Instagram this winter, and with spring approaching, we’re heading to whimsical crochet vests, retro bucket hats, stylish scrunchies, and more.

If you’re looking to make yarn and join the crochet club, these tools and accessories will help you create the cutest things for spring.

1. This simple but reliable kit for beginners

The sets from The Woobles feature high quality materials and the cutest amigurumi designs.

From Baby Yodas to dinosaurs, adorable amigurumi – the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting little stuffed creatures – have taken TikTok and Instagram by storm, especially during the pandemic.

The best part is that you don’t even need to have basic crochet knowledge to get started! The Woobles offers kits suitable for beginners that guide you through creating your chosen creature from the templates provided. Make it a springtime DIY challenge for yourself or gift the last piece for seasonal parties, birthdays, Mother’s Day or graduation celebrations. They have helpful instructional videos to give you visual play-by-play, and the materials themselves are high quality at a fair price.

Get a starter kit from The Woobles starting at $25

2. This kit for advanced beginners with a pop culture icon

Hello Kitty is here for spring.

A slightly more difficult kit than The Woobles, this Stitch & Story Hello Kitty Bunny kit is recommended for advanced beginners. It’s ideal for those who are confident in the basic stitches and ready to put their skills to the test.

When finished, you’ll have just under 10 inches of adorable spring-themed Hello Kitty to gift, display, or cuddle. The kit comes with a hook, 100% cotton yarn, stuffing, sewing needle and instructions.

Get the Stitch & Story Hello Kitty Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Kit for $51.50

3. Markers in fun spring colors

Set it and forget it.

You can keep score all day, but there’s bound to be a time or two (or more, if you’re me) where you completely lose track. Luckily, these handy little stitch markers make it easy to mark the stitches where you need to turn, increase, decrease or change stitches.

No more going back to tell three times or having to go back and start over. Plus, they won’t get in the way of your seams and are easy to hang with minimal slippage. This particular set boasts a 4.9-star rating from Michaels buyers, who note that they are incredibly easy to use.

Get Michaels Clover Lock Ring Markers for $5.99

4. A simple way to store your hooks

Never let your hooks fall victim to the couch crack again.

Unless you make the same item with the same weight of yarn every time you crochet, chances are you’ll need more than one hook size. If you don’t like to display your hooks somehow, you’ll want to find a way to store them so you don’t lose them. It’s easy to think they’re not hard to lose sight of, but they tend to disappear into the cracks of the couch when you’re not looking.

Enter, this floral folding hook organizer. With plenty of elastic straps to hold the hooks in place and even pockets for your tapestry needles, tape measures and other tools, you won’t have to trek around the living room to find finicky hooks.

Get a Teamoy Crochet Case from Amazon for $16.99

5. A functional (and adorable) yarn bowl

Form meets function with this thread holder.

A bowl of yarn is a game changer for any crocheter. As much as they are useful, they serve as decoration in their own right. Store and display the skeins you currently use with a charming ceramic yan bowl.

Feed your yarn tail through the opening and crochet without worrying about tangles and hand unwinding as you go. Yarn bowls on Etsy are often handmade, allowing you to support other crafters while getting an enviable crochet accessory and decor piece.

Buy Yarn Bowls on Etsy

6. Quality hooks in all sizes

Reliable and affordable - yes, please!

Just as a painter can tell the difference with a good quality brush, so can hooks. They must be both ergonomic and solid. Fortunately, there are hooks that achieve this without breaking the bank.

Susan Bates is a staple in craft stores, and for good reason. The brand does not disappoint, especially when it comes to aluminum head hooks. A luxury step up from an all-aluminum hook, these have a lightweight bamboo handle that makes them a dream to use.

Get JoAnn’s Susan Bates Bamboo Handle Hooks starting at $4.49

7. Fan favorite yarn in every color imaginable

No shortage of shades here.

Michaels is a one-stop craft store for makers around the world, and home of the fan-favorite Impeccable Yarn. With just about every color imaginable, this yarn is great for a variety of projects, from hats and headbands to blankets and vests.

It is 100% acrylic, does not scratch or pill very easily. Experienced crocheters love the versatility and say they can always count on Impeccable’s 50+ shades for their projects.

Get Impeccable Solid Yarn by Loops & Threads from Michaels starting at $1.47

8. The Ultimate Stitch Book

Dictionary, but make it fashionable.

Do you know the basics and want to diversify? This crochet stitch dictionary contains over 200 different types of crochet stitches with easy to follow pictures. You can log on and try to find YouTube videos of new things to try, but let’s face it, is it easy to get distracted along the way?

We’ve all accidentally fallen into a YouTube click hole. With your dot dictionary, you can keep your mind on your craft and not meerkat social habits videos. Plus, it’s just nice to unplug once in a while.

Get the Crochet Stitch Dictionary Book from Amazon for $16.39

9. Some wire scissors designed for smooth cutting

Dull scissors are useless.

Trying to cut your yarn with dull old scissors is like trying to cut bread with a butter knife. Having scissors specifically designed for your yarn projects is a game changer.

These scissors from Singer have a nice compact size, are comfortable to handle, and don’t get dull easily when cutting thread. No more frayed, frayed ends sticking out of where you tried to weave them in. Plus, the nano-tipped blades are sharp and narrow enough that you won’t risk accidentally cutting a point like you would with standard clumsy scissors.

Get the Singer ProSeries Retail Scissors from Amazon for $10.55

10. Or this more travel-friendly option

Life hack alert.

Whether you like to take your projects with you when you travel or just don’t want to bother with standard scissors, this pendant makes it easy to cut your thread anytime, anywhere. You won’t have to spend time looking for your scissors when you carry what you need.

This pendant is a rotary style cutter, so it’s also safe to use and compact enough to not take up unnecessary space if you decide to store it in your project bag.

Get JoAnn’s Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant for $8.99

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