24-year-old crochet enthusiast makes beanies for the homeless


It’s not often you see a young man with a passion for crochet. But for 24-year-old New Yorker Calvin Lee, it’s taken to the next level!

Documenting his adventures on TikTok since 2020, Mr Lee shares his passion for yarn in a journey that will warm your heart and your head.

“I really don’t see a lot of young men or young adults crocheting because they think it’s an old people’s hobby,” Lee says. “But it’s not! So I hope when [people] see my content on TikTok, they will be inspired to crochet.”

Using his new followers on the platform to educate and teach people about his hobby, earlier this year Mr. Lee challenged himself. Make 100 beanies for the homeless, while broadcasting them live.

In just 17 days, Mr. Lee achieved his goal. In a TikTok video now with over 3.8 million views, he walks the streets of New York City, starting at 34th Street and walking to 42nd Street in Time Square, handing out his beautiful handmade creations .

But Mr. Lee is not the only kind person working here. Thanks to the generosity of her audience, subscribers donated yarn and money to the cause, helping her fund the project and get the beanies made quickly.

“I hope people will start helping homeless people in their neighborhood,” he says. “If we help all homeless people, maybe it will cause less hate and drama in this world.”


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