30 Crochet Bags to Help You Embrace a Craftcore Summer


Look, it’s normal to run out of time for recreation this summer. You’re busy booking a vacation and heading to the beach, which may not leave you enough time to take up your knitting, piano playing, or crocheting (no problem, there’s always the fall). But just because you’re too eager to participate doesn’t mean you can’t adopt the craftcore look. Crochet bags are the perfect choice for warm weather. They are lightweight and tend to come in playful colors and natural materials like cotton and raffia.

While crocheting may be a hobby most associated with past generations, even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the coastal grandma look, you can embrace the breathable weave of crochet. Minimalist options in small and large iterations are just as available as their bolder counterparts. Either way, surely the perfect way to style a crochet bag is with a simple warm weather look like cut-offs and a tank top, or maybe with a breezy white dress. Ahead, find five versions of the crochet bag trend that deserve a place in your summer purse.


For a crocheted bag that looks like it could have been passed down from generation to generation in your family, go for something colorful and fun. This palm-embellished bag from Alanui has a handcrafted look that’s suitable for the beach.

Andersson Bell hand crochet square bag

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, rug, bag and purse

Emilio Pucci raffia tote

Crochet bucket bag Chloé Lallo

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Alanui White Sand Island Crochet Embroidered Tote Bag

Emily Levine Crochet Milan Boogie Bag

The crochet bag from the Hilma series

everyday shoulder

Summer calls for something a little lighter than your standard leather handbag. These crochet options are still fancy but don’t stick to your skin when you throw them over your shoulder.

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Tory Burch Mini Crochet Kira Bag

Oroton Colt small crochet collectible shoulder bag

Valentino Roman-studded crochet shoulder bag

Isabel Marant Botsy Crochet Satchel Bag

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, handbag, accessory and bag

Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Crochet Tote Bag

shoulder bag Max Mara Jean


Swap out your usual canvas tote for a cute crochet bag. The wide range of open weave options will not only filter out any sand that might sink to the bottom, but they’ll play nicely with your light and breezy summer looks.

Poolside Bags the Stella tote bag

J.Crew Cadiz rope tote

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Clare V Tote Bag. Summer

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Casablanca Crochet Logo Tote

JW Anderson striped crochet tote

Etro Striped Crochet Tote Bag


Crochet might not be the first thing that comes to mind when picturing your ideal party bag, but this season there are plenty of bold and playful iterations worth pairing up. to a mini dress. For an extra touch of embellishment, look for a style with shimmering crystals.

Image may contain: clothes, hat, cap, rug and beanie

Maria La Rosa Game Striped Crochet Pouch

Rosantica Holli crystal-embellished crochet tote

Fendi FF logo crocheted raffia bucket bag

Bottega Veneta pointed handbag

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, handbag, bag and purse

Gedebe Mia crochet pouch

Stone Crocheted Lele Sadoughi Beatrix Bag


Summer is the season for light and natural materials. The crochet trend looks timeless when done in raffia – it’s both sophisticated and simple.

Saint Laurent raffia shoulder bag

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A Point Etc Cassie raffia bag

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, accessory, bag and purse

Mark Cross Murphy raffia bag

Image may contain: clothing, rug, cap, hat and beanie

Cute Gavigan Game crochet bag


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