Broken Arrow elders provide crochet hats to newborns at Ascension St. John


Broken Arrow Seniors Crochet Group makes Santa hats for newborns

Tulsa’s littlest citizens will soon be a little warmer, just in time for the holiday season.

The Broken Arrow Senior Activity Center crochet group donated Santa hats to newborns at Ascension St. John this week.

While the activity center’s ukulele band performs Christmas music, the hook band down the hall is a little ahead of schedule when it comes to the holidays.

“Red with a small white pompom and a white border.” Crochet chief Jean Benzel said.

The ladies who crochet every week are now working on special blankets for hospice patients. Vivian Yeary has been with the band for about seven years.

“That’s my lifeline, really, at my age,” Yeary said.

For the past six weeks, the group has put their combined 150 years of crocheting experience to good use, for the youngest in Tulsa.

The Crochet Group makes hats, blankets and other items year round and this is the first year they have made Christmas hats for newborns.

“We always love making baby items,” Benzel said.

Benzel leads the group and said he was able to donate about 75 hats to March of Dimes, which brought the hats to Ascension St. John this week.

“I was able to teach a new method to make a pom pom or hat trim,” Benzel said. “So we’re learning things, new patterns, as we go.”

The hospital plans to take pictures of babies wearing their new hats throughout the month.

While these ladies don’t know what little ones are ending up with their hats, they have this simple message for parents:

“Enjoy them while they’re little,” Yeary said.

Keeping Green Country’s youngest a little warmer, all thanks to the young at heart.


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