Cool crochet shirts for men are a hit and here’s how you can pull the trend off


If you’re the type to follow trends closely, we’re sure the love of crochet has already reached your heart. No, we’re not talking about women’s clothing here, even for men – the crochet clothing options in men’s clothing give us a lot of vintage fashion inspiration. Even emerging designers and home craftspeople find love for this crochet craft. The way the crochet is done is truly intricate, unique, and made to last – thanks to handcrafted craftsmanship. Men can not only find shirts, but also pants, vests and even accessories like bags and hats. From celebrities to pop stars, they surely strike the right fashion notes in these handcrafted crochet pieces.

What are crochet crafts?

The delicate art of crochet is a long-standing skill that you will use to make beautiful adornments. Crochet is an easy craft to learn. Using a hook to interlock the loops of yarn, this age-old technique is now refreshed with vibrant colors, playful textures and experimental prints. These crochet pieces throw a lot of optimism with the colorful and quirky styles that the textile lends itself to and now is the perfect time to jump into the uncertain times we are going through. From bold to understated, even the crochet menswear piece will blend perfectly into your wardrobe.

How to style crochet for men?

Especially if you like the bohemian aesthetic, embracing the crochet trend would be a snap for you. If you’re looking to completely reinvent crochet technique by offering a modern approach, we’ve got you covered, too. Since crochet shirts are the most famous, you can either layer these shirts over a neutral colored waistcoat or just wear them with your denim accessorized with a beaded necklace – that would give you quite the vibe ” Harry Styles”. Since the hooks are quite colorful, be sure to choose from rustic earthy tones for maximum impact. You can opt for classic khaki pants, corduroy pants to complete the look. This interesting balance of color palette will help you add interesting texture to a more fun bohemian appeal. And if you’re a fan of cool Y2K looks, baggy pants, a bob is the place to rock the crochet trend.

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