Dua Lipa wears the ultimate crochet and lingerie look


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Dua Lipa rang in her stylist Lorenzo Posocco’s birthday in Italy last weekend with some equally festive clothes. The pop star opted for a crocheted miniskirt and crop top ensemble from GCDS’ spring 2022 collection, which came with adorable little skulls and long tassels attached to the skirt. Lipa wore a lace bra under her top and finished the look with a pair of glitter-soaked Mary Jane platform high heels for a retro Cher effect. (Posocco, for his part, wore Versace print pants from fall 2021).

Lipa has long been involved with Italian label GCDS, known for infusing its clothing with cartoons and all things playful. They created the pop star’s merchandising in 2017. For the Spring 2021 collection and digital show, Lipa and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid became front-row avatars. In terms of clothes, she’s worn everything from a “I love GCDS” t-shirt to a pair of lime green knee-high boots with a jurassic park logo pasted on it. But this isn’t the first time Lipa has worn a crochet piece from the sassy brand; she also sported one of their micro bikinis. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more of what Lipa and GCDS have in store for us.


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