Garrett Hook is this year’s Michael Kopech in the bullpen


For have a championship caliber team in 2022, Major League Baseball teams need exceptional bullpens. If they don’t, they have no chance of winning the World Series. The Chicago White Sox have a very good one that could be even better.

In 2021, Michael Kopech was used as a super weapon in the bullpen. He’s a pitcher with starting-caliber stuff that was used in the bullpen to get him back into the mix after a lot of missed time.

He was absolutely sensational in that role, but now is the time to put him back in the role of a starter. It will happen in 2022 as the White Sox are ready for him to take that next step. It should be really cool to see him back on the mound as a starter.

With Kopech out of the bullpen, however, there is a new hole in the unit that needs to be replaced. The White Sox have signed Kendall Graveman who should be an exceptional addition to the roster which already includes Liam Hendriks, Garrett Hook and Aaron Bummer, among others.

The Chicago White Sox need Garrett Hook to play an important role in 2022.

It will be interesting to see what happens with guys like Craig Kimbrel and Ryan Tepera before the season starts. If they are also in the bullpen, this group could be very good. Garrett Hook is likely the person to take the hole Kopech leaves behind by switching to a starter.

Kopech’s role involved being a power pitcher who connected the starter to the end-inning guys. He was able to use his speed to knock people down over several runs of work. The hook can do that. He earns strikeouts with a combination of his high-velocity fastball combined with devastating breaking tricks.

As he becomes an even better pitcher as he ages, he should have the elements he needs to be a starter, but growing into this super-weapon role is a big leap forward. If it’s necessary to start once in a while, don’t be surprised if it does.

It’s great to see Crochet progress like this. The 2020 pandemic was one of the main reasons why he made his Major League debut in the same year. He probably wouldn’t even have done this until now if the pandemic had never happened.

He’ll never pitch anywhere else, though, as he doesn’t even look a bit out of place in the big leagues. The fact that he’s already this good should really scare the rest of the league off. We’ll see if he’s able to handle this role in 2022.


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