Garrett Hook leaves the game early with an arm injury


The White Sox have, for the most part, avoided a lot of serious injury news this spring training. However, that changed today as Garrett Hook left his appearance against the Cincinnati Reds early with an apparent arm injury. Daryl Van Schouwen captured a bit of video from the incident, in which Hook left the match fairly quickly after calling the practice staff to the mound.

Obviously there is no in-game video to show the injury. However, Hook retired the first batter of his appearance and was 3-1 on the next batter when he left the game. The Reds radio show gave us the most information we had: Hook apparently kicked a ball past the plate and couldn’t move his left arm much as he exited the game. None of the things look incredibly promising on the face.

Also, Garrett Hook is unfortunately not new to weaponry issues. You’ll remember his debut as a rookie in 2020, especially in Game 3 of the 2021 AL Wild Card against the Athletics. Hook was busy early, but also left this match early, due to elbow pain. Throughout the 2021 season, Hook will never hit the same speed readings of over 100 that we saw from him in 2020.

Hook enters the 2022 campaign as the expected replacement for Michael Kopech’s role in the bullpen: a multi-inning reliever with plus-plus stuff with the ability to eventually start ball games. However, this injury calls into question his preparation for the opening day, at least until we receive more information on what exactly happened today. From the sound of it, we should expect Hook to miss at least some time over the next few weeks.

We will update you on the situation as more information becomes available on Crochet’s status.

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