I had such an embarrassing date – she wore a crochet bikini that left little to the imagination in front of my parents


A MAN remembers a completely embarrassing date he had at the beach.

He claimed his date wore a crochet bikini in front of his parents, which left little to the imagination.


A man took to the internet to share his unfortunate dating stories1 credit
In a video, he claimed his date wore a crochet bikini that fell apart


In a video, he claimed his date wore a crochet bikini that fell apart1 credit

The man said the failed date happened at a Chesapeake Bay campground where he kept his RV.

He and his date went to the beach at the campground, and his parents were there too.

He explained that his date, whom he had been dating for a few months, immediately went swimming in the water while he stayed in the back and talked to his parents.

It was when she came out of the water that he realized the terrible mistake his date had made.

“She’s coming out of the water and damn if she wasn’t wearing a crochet bikini that looked like she got it from Goodwill…” the man said.

“You know how you crochet a blanket and it’s nice and tight and when it gets old it’s not so tight anymore?

“The little holes in the hook are much bigger than they were when you first did it?

“Well yeah, that’s what happens when you buy a Goodwill bikini,” he snapped.

He went on to say that he ran to the shore to throw a shirt at her because there were families with children who could barely see the bikini there.

The poster shared several videos about his online dating misadventures, so while the internet was certainly shocked by the story, a lot of people were more concerned about his dating choices.

“Bless his heart!!! …lol and bless yours,” one viewer wrote.

“Honey did you learn from your mistakes…bless your heart,” added another.

“Where the hell do you pick these girls? “Questioned a third worried internet user.

On the bright side, it seems like it was a girl-made innocent, unlike other people who have turned first dates into complete failures due to their own greed or disinterest in other people’s feelings.

It happened to a girl who had a date with a man who deliberately flirted with a group of women because they were “inflating” his tires.

It also happened to a woman who realized her boyfriend was not only cheating on her, but cheating on several other women at the same time.

Mooch said he asked the woman to stop buying bikinis at Goodwill


Mooch said he asked the woman to stop buying bikinis at Goodwill1 credit

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