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Image Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Megan Fox, 35, stunned in a bright pink outfit, as she relaxed backstage in front of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly epic performance in Argentina on Saturday March 19. Jennifer’s body The star seemed super proud of her future husband as he performed a packed concert in South America. Besides her incredible outfit, she posted a few photos of the 31-year-old singer performing and some snaps of the couple relaxing before the show.

Megan’s entire outfit was electric pink, made entirely of crocheted fabric, including her cropped top and cropped skirt. She leaned into MGK’s bubblegum pink pop-punk aesthetic by adding a matching choker, complete with chains, and a pair of matching boots with sassy pink spikes on them. Besides the mirror image, Megan also posted a closer selfie with herself giving a fierce stare. She also posted a few photos of herself with her fiancé’s group, who were dressed in all black. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, rocked a sheer top and sparkly leather pants for the concert.

Meanwhile, MGK seems super excited about their upcoming album. General public sale Friday, March 25. The pop-punk star shared some snippets from his concert as part of Lollapalooza Chile, and the crowd seemed super excited for the new tracks on Sunday, March 20. “The vibe is alive for album release week,” he wrote in a story.

Megan rocked a figure-hugging pink outfit on the red carpet for the iHeartRadio Awards. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Megan has had tons of amazing looks over the years, and the crochet outfit is just her latest! Earlier in March, she showed off an outfit that seemed inspired by euphoria Alexa Half and her character Maddy. Megan rocked a mesh top with floral sleeves and matching leggings. She also dabbled in her fiancé’s punk-inspired fashion when the couple went to see her collaborator ‘Bois Lie’ April Lavigne at a concert in February.

As MGK prepare for their latest record, the couple have also been busy planning their wedding, since getting engaged in January. MGK admitted he struggled to find the perfect venue to realize his vision, in a February interview on The late show. “The location is difficult, I try to find a place that matches my art [vision],” he said.


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