Ohio crochet designer breathes new life into used textiles


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Alison Green often spends her time crocheting all day.

What do you want to know

  • Alison Green uses vintage blankets to make crochet clothes
  • She sells her products online and in flea markets
  • It’s her way of contributing to the slow and sustainable fashion movement

“Right now I’m doing a beach blanket,” Green said. “It’s actually like it’s the back panel, but I had extra yarn in that color, so I thought it would be like a cute little beach dress.”

She is the creator of Atomic Tangerine, a company that uses vintage blankets to make crochet clothing and accessories.

“I get these blankets, a lot of (times), I do a lot of estate sales,” she said. “I do a lot of research on Facebook Marketplace, a lot of thrift stores, a lot of markets like vintage sellers. Then I get all the covers, take them home, wash them, then take them apart and put some make different clothes.”

Green added that she aims to give new life to unwanted textiles. It’s a hustle she started pursuing in earnest after quitting her old job with United Way.

“I worked with the kids for their after-school program for three years,” she said. “When (COVID-19) hit, we went remote, and it was virtual, and everything started to slow down and it was hard to find virtual work.”

Green said she started selling the clothes for fun before finding a new virtual job at Remake, a nonprofit dedicated to education, advocacy and accountability for the apparel industry. of $3 trillion.

At his virtual work with Remake, Green said she advocates for fair pay in the fashion industry. It’s another way for her to contribute to the slow and sustainable fashion movement.

“Sustainable fashion is really any type of clothing or accessory that doesn’t cause harm to the environment or the people who make it,” she said. “It’s sustainable. It’s something we can keep doing without ruining our resources or without a problem if we keep doing it over a long period of time.”

Green said it goes beyond materials, but includes fair pay and safe work environments. She goes above and beyond to ensure that even her shipping products are sustainable.

“All of my packaging, all of my foam and everything is biodegradable,” she said. “I have these boxes and I also put tissue paper in them. It’s all recyclable. I try to make everything as good for the environment as possible.”

Conserving the environment through her crochet items is what Green said she hopes to connect her customers to the business.

“When you buy less fast fashion than you have, a lot of those companies will have to start producing less, which will be better for their workers and better for the environment as a whole,” Green said. “They won’t produce as much or waste as many clothes and as many textiles won’t go to landfill as there are now.”

To learn more about Green’s products, Click here.


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