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Mylé Moody seeks to share her crochet art with the FAMU campus. Photo by Kelis Scott

Most students join organizations, socialize and party throughout their schooling. But there are a few, when given the opportunity, who get a head start in their careers by starting their own businesses, providing goods and services to faculty and students on campus.

According to an article on CNNcrochet art got 34 million searches on Instagram and 2 billion on TikTok, making it a popular activity.

Mylé Moody owns Crochet by Mylé, a company that offers bespoke bags, belts, and everything else in crochet.

Moody is a graduate student in business administration from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Moody came to Florida A&M because she wanted to attend a historically black college or university.

“I decided to come to FAMU because I always wanted to go to an HBCU, so HBCUs were the only thing on my list,” Moody said. “FAMU was at the top because there was an alumni association in Grand Rapids reaching out to us and I was offered a better scholarship than any other I’ve received, so I went down to Florida.”

Moody, being an out-of-state student, decided to use her crochet skills to start a business and support herself financially.

“When I got here I realized the set was still lit and the businesses were still there, so to make some extra money I decided to monetize my trade,” Moody said. “Why not take something I like and make some money with it?”

Moody says the best part about running her business is how many people knew her.

“The best part of having a business is really hearing that people have heard of me that I’ve never met them before,” Moody said. “That means a lot to me, you can’t buy that, people recommending your brand.”

Thanks to his company’s visibility on campus, Moody’s has earned a few loyal customers in return.

“I think Mylé’s ability to be creative, thrive in their endeavors, and deliver quality products every time is amazing,” said Sherlanda Telusmond, a fourth-year pre-med biology major. “The amount of support she pours out to others is something that should be given back threefold.”

Five years from now, Moody’s hopes to grow this small business into something bigger.

“I already have a job lined up after college, but it’s really to keep me stable in America,” Moody said. “I really think I could go full time at 27.”

Moody’s overall career goal is to branch out of the crochet business.

“The overall career goal is to be a serial entrepreneur,” she said. “I’m not one to be involved in just one thing.”

Moody hopes to use his business to inspire others and teach them how to crochet.

“Our goal is to inspire creativity and individuality because not everything here is created equal,” Moody said. “I thought it all looked the same, it’s done with my individuality.”

Moody’s got a business instagram and Etsy page for future customers.


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