Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Crochet Sigilyph


A very talented Pokémon fan shows off his awesome creation of a crocheted version of the Psychic/Flying-type Sigilyph.

Pokemon fans are second to none when it comes to an artistically talented fan base. Fan-made creations across just about every possible medium regularly make the rounds online, and today is no different. A very talented Pokemon fan gets thousands of likes for their awesome crochet version of Sigilyph.

For those who may not be aware, Sigilyph is a Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon introduced as part of the fifth generation of the franchise. First seen in the 2010s Pokémon Black and WhiteSigilyph has a rather rare quality, in that it’s one of the few Pokémon that doesn’t have evolutions.


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A Reddit user with the wisely picked handle of u/pokemonhook is the one behind the hooked version of Sigilyph. Almost every detail of the Pokemon is expertly recreated in the woven artwork. The wings and feathers all have the signature yellow with red and blue stripes at the ends, as does Sigilyph’s body with the green and black zig-zag pattern. The only real difference is the pseudo-eyes, which appear to be separated into blue and white dots. However, given that the set is barely larger than the size of the hand, Sigilyph’s creation is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

While crocheting the rather obscure fifth-generation Pokémon is quite the feat, one fan takes it much further. Not only do they make all Gen 5 Pokemon, but they also crochet all existing Pokemon. PatternsByJazz has already created dozens of Pokemon from yarn, using fan polls to determine which character to create next. Since Sigilyph is one of the more obscure options in Pokemonit may take some time for u/pokemonhook to have a suitable counterpart.

PokemonThe fifth generation of is also becoming a much more discussed topic in recent months. With the release of pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl being a Gen 4 remake, the debate over possible remakes has now shifted to Gen 5. One of (if not the only) Pokemon generations to receive full-fledged sequels rather than a third release, some want to see the two titles combined into one modern title. Other fans think groundbreaking games would be better served as something closer to Pokemon Legends: Arceusbut nothing has been announced anyway.

Despite no news from Game Freak or The Pokemon Company, speculation about a new version of the original Sigilyph game has already begun. Theories of what Pokemon Black and WhiteThe Unova region could feel like a new game forming, with the open world proposition and time jump making the whole perspective of the Pokemon quite enjoyable game.

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