Pokemon Fan Makes Snorlax Crochet Collection


A Pokemon fan creates a collection of nine real-life Pokemon dolls using crochet art to create a selection of Rainbow Snorlax.

the Pokemon The fanbase is filled with talented people, so it’s no surprise to hear that many of these fans work hard to create homages to their favorite Pocket Monsters. These tributes cover many different crafts and artistic disciplines, including crochet. Now a Pokemon fan made a whole collection of multicolored crochet Snorlax.

Snorlax is known as the Sleepy Pokémon and takes the form of a giant, round creature covered in dark green fur. His face, stomach, and feet are tan, and he has cat ears or horns growing on his head. The Pokémon’s eyes are still closed and two small fangs protrude from its mouth, giving it a very distinct facial expression.


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Redditor JonYehWest shared a photo of their recent creations – a batch of nine crocheted Rainbow Snorlax, each with a distinct color. Each plush is shown sitting with one paw up and the other to the side. One of the Snorlax sports the signature green and tan fur, but some of the other dolls feature much more outlandish coloring. Interestingly, none of the dolls seem to have the Pokémon’s shiny color scheme, possibly because Shiny Snorlax is a dark blue and tan that’s hard to tell apart from regular Snorlax.

The first row of three Snorlax are a silver gray Snorlax, a brown Snorlax, and a dark green Snorlax. In the second row, things start to get weird with a dark red Snorlax, a shiny gold Snorlax, and a Snorlax with fur in various shades of black, gray, and mottled blue. The third and final row features a mint green Snorlax, a bright orange Snorlax, and a rose pink Snorlax. Each doll has thin black lines to represent closed eyes and a thin mouth. This means that one of Pokemon’s trademarks, its fangs, is not present on any of the dolls.

At the time of writing, it appears that other Pokemon fans have embraced these crochet Snorlax with open arms. Several users have expressed a desire to own the dolls, with one user even stating that he would purchase the bundle. Unfortunately, according to JonYehWest, all of these Snorlax dolls have already found homes. However, the artist said he may create another batch of crochet Snorlax in the future. It remains to be seen what colors they use in the next set of Pokemon dolls. Maybe the next batch will feature a shiny dark blue Snorlax.

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