Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Makes a Crocheted Version of Lechonk


After Lechonk was revealed several weeks ago, a talented player creates an impressive black version of the portly Pokémon.

As is the case with most major lines Pokemon Games, Pokemon scarlet and violet will introduce a bunch of new Pokemon for players to catch and train when they release later this year. While many fans are excited about the new starters, Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco, a number of other exciting additions are coming with the launch of these new games. One of these other expected Pokemon is Lechonk.

Introduced in a gameplay trailer for Pokemon scarlet and violet Several weeks ago, Lechonk is a Normal-type Pokémon that is part of Generation 9. As the name suggests, this pocket monster has a roly-poly body and resembles a pig. Like many other new Pokemon revealed for upcoming games, Lechonk has become very popular with players. Some have even made fan art featuring the plump Pokémon, such as one fan who made art that showed off their crotchety skills in the process.


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Recently, a Reddit user known as kaiyamaika shared a photo of a crotchet project they recently completed based on the Pokemon series. With the release of Pokemon scarlet and violet coming later this year, the artist opted to do a black version of Lechonk. In the image, the Normal-type Pokémon was located on a desk. Additionally, a keyboard was seen in the background, helping to reveal the impressive size of the crocheted creation. Some of the highlights of the design that the artist has captured include the portly physique of the pocket monster as well as its pink muzzle and yellow coloring under its eyes.

In the Reddit post comments, many players had the same excitement as Kaiyamaika for the new pig Pokemon that was coming. Pokemon scarlet and violet. Since sharing Lechonk’s image a few hours ago, several thousand fans have already voted for the post. One user simply wrote, “You did us all a great favor today.” Additionally, one player was so impressed with the design that he said it looked like it came from a pro shop. According to the artist, they used black yarn purchased from Walmart to make the Pokemon hook.

As mentioned above, this is just one of many pieces of fan art that players have created based on Lechonk over the past two weeks. In addition to this crotchet version of the pig by kaiyamaika, another player recently made an impressive stop-motion animation featuring Lechonk as he searches for berries next to several shrubs. Over the next couple of months, it seems inevitable that even more artwork featuring this portly pig as well as other creatures from Pokemon scarlet and violet will be shared with the Pokemon community.

Pokemon scarlet and violet out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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