Pokémon TCG Japan: Incandescent Arcana Preview: Hook Espurr



One of the most anticipated Pokémon TCG the sets arriving in Japan this year have now been revealed. Incandescent Arcana is slated for release on September 2, 2022 in Japan. Unlike the previous direct Japanese set, the Origin Forme Giratina theme Lost Abyss which brought back the Lost Zone mechanic, this set will include rare characters and Radiant Pokémon. Leading this set is the unusual yet exciting Alolan Vulpix VSTAR, which follows the fun trend of Pikachu and Eevee Ultra Rares, where it’s the cute, iconic shape that gets the functionality rather than the over the top evolution. This set, as well as the following main series Japanese set Paradigm Triggerwhich will focus on Lugia, will be the basis of the fourth and last in English Sword and Shield set of 2022, which should close the era. Today we continue our Incandescent Arcana previews with a card so cute, you have to see it to believe it.

Glowing arcane cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Now I know some Pokémon TCG collectors don’t like crocheted cards or even clay sculpted cards. It’s definitely an opinion I’ve seen there, and who am I to say it’s a bad opinion?

I am me, I say it right here on Bleeding Cool. This is an awful review. These cards are the best.

Artist Asako Itō delivers an unforgettable crochet Espurr laid out on what looks like a felt meadow. Cut-out blue trees and vegetation in different shapes and colors create a beautiful background for this handmade cutie. The only flaw with this card is that I can’t run to the Pokémon Center website and order one of these crocheted Espurr for myself.

Although this is of course a more traditional illustration, taira akitsu‘s Meowstic is also beautiful. A perfectly rendered drawing of Meowstic sitting on a tree branch is enhanced by the gorgeous autumnal color palette of the leaves.

Japanese sets often give us a first taste of what English sets might include, so be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage. You can stay tuned for previews of Incandescent Arcana maps as well as updates on everything Pokémon TCG right here at Bleeding Cool.

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