These pieces helped a Windsor crochet artist win a $10,000 Fluevog Shoes scholarship


It took her countless hours to intricately crochet these works of art. Now all that time is paying off – literally.

Alexandria Masse won a $10,000 scholarship from Fluevog Shoes. She is a gentle sculptor and textile artist with strong Windsor roots.

At the moment, she is working on a series inspired by her grandparents’ old restaurant, The Silver Dragon, which was once located on Tecumseh Road in Windsor.

The warm times she spent with her grandparents in their restaurant kitchen continue to inspire her today.

“It’s basically Cantonese style food. There are a lot of different pieces that I create which are noodles, wontons. I created a piece of bok choy that I have yet to share…and a chilli jerk and an egg tart…these are all pieces meant to be worn on the head. I really love wearable art.”

This Windsor crochet artist is getting national recognition

Alexandria Masse shares some of the inspiration behind her whimsical crochet designs that helped her win a $10,000 grant from Fluevog Shoes. 2:02

Another of his great inspirations: life in Windsor.

“I especially miss food which is why I do so many food related things because I miss the cultural diversity. I also miss the life by the river and the way the sun sets over Detroit and all I miss those things,” she said. mentioned.

“The way automotive manufacturing is a big deal in Windsor has made me like a lot of soft things and use a lot of soft materials in my practice. I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition.”

Using her artist grants, Masse will create a trio of headwear that, according to a statement from Fluevog Shoes, “will each explore a different aspect of childhood loving experiences.”

Masse hopes that once completed, her work will be exhibited at the Fluevog store in Toronto.

The Fluevog Artist Grant is a $10,000 fund designed to support the creative growth and development of up-and-coming talent like Masse.


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