This Huge Crocheted Chinatown Mural Is Made Up Of Over 1,500 Flowers


A beautiful large-scale crochet mural now adorns the fences of Columbus Park, located near Manhattan’s Mulberry and Baxter streets in Chinatown.

Comprised of more than 1,000 leaves, nearly 1,000 crocheted squares and 15,000 flowers sewn together by neighborhood volunteers, “Stand-Speak-Shape” is a 4-foot-tall by 25-foot-tall work of art. feet wide from the Chinatown Yarn Circle Project in collaboration with Creative Sanctum, Think Chinatown and artist Naomi Lawrence. It will be on display until October 8, 2022.

On instagram, Lawrence discussed the significance of the project, which seeks to represent “a cross-generational community mobilizing to stand together, advocate for justice, and shape society through civic action and crochet.” The flowers themselves, the artist explains, “are a tribute to the builders of the AAPI community, embodying collaboration, triumph over struggle, and inspiring future generations.”

Among the many flowers used to create the work are Arabian jasmine (representing the Philippines), plum blossoms (Taiwan), hibiscus (Malaysia), and chrysanthemum (Japan).

Take a look at how the solid hook is made here:

And here is a preview of the flowers:

This is actually the inaugural project of Chinatown Yarn Circle, a significant work that fits perfectly with the spirit and character of the neighborhood, also adding to the overall New York street art scene (we are, don’t forget not, considered the American capital of street art!).


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