VALORANT Player Creates Amazing Crocheted Versions of Agents


A talented VALORANTS player has created crocheted versions of several Agents, including Raze, Sage, and Omen.

VALORANTS Airport Addicted Player recently released their amazing Hook Agents that bring iconic characters to life in a new medium. They’ve created crochet versions of Raze, Omen, Sage, Reyna, and Sova, each with their own unique color palette and design. Raze also has his signature headphones, while Omen has his three-line face design.

There are even small details like Sage’s green orbs on his belt and what appears to be a Blast Pack on Raze’s hip. Raze also has purple streaks in her hair, showing how intricate and detailed these designs have been.

If you’ve never tried crochet before, you may not understand the effort these agents go to. Crocheting takes time and patience, and creating multiple agents is not an easy task, especially with so much detail. The agents were created for the player’s friends, which is a wonderful gift and surprise.

There are still several agents in VALORANTS which deserve their own crocheted versions, but it’s unclear if the dependent airport plans to create more. Some agents like Yoru and KAY/O can be difficult to create, but it can be worth it.

You could try to recreate them yourself, but they were freehand, which means there is no set pattern. Don’t let that put you off trying, though.

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